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I meant to post last night but my evening medications kicked in a lot harder and sooner than I was expecting so I couldn’t put a coherent sentence together.

Yesterday was a good day. I slept reasonably well and felt better when I woke up than I have for a couple of days. I got up, had breakfast, and did my exercises.

A little after noon, FA came over. Her last visit was back before Christmas so it had been a while since we last hung out. She stopped at the burrito shop on the way and brought lunch. We had a good chat while we ate, and the burritos were great as always.

She also brought along an armful of stuff. She gave me a quadcopter that she’s no longer interested in (awesome!), some addressable LEDs (which look very interesting), and a stamp that she made:


I’m a big fan of The Tick

After we finished our lunches, we talked for a while longer and then started playing the board game. It’s called Carcassonne and it’s pretty neat:

CarcassonneIt didn’t take very long to learn the rules, and we probably played half a dozen games (of which FA won all but one). Our first time round took a little while but each successive game went by a little faster as I got used to how the tiles, meeple, and scoring worked. I have to say, I really enjoyed that game and I think that J might like it, too.

I had a great time hanging out with FA. Since I’m not currently able to go to the hardware store like we usually do, I was a little anxious about getting together but everything was fine. She is a very good friend and doing stuff with her is always fun.

FA left around 4:30. After she headed out I went outside to spend five minutes in the back of the house where I couldn’t see the front door. It was unpleasant and I felt kind of silly just standing there but I did it anyways. It was very nice to get back inside.

My ERP work with the doors and the bathroom is going reasonably well. The problem with the doors (and with the keys from last week) is that since it only really bothers me before bed, I only get one chance per day to expose myself to the trigger. I don’t have any trouble leaving the front door unlocked during the day as long as I’m in the house so I can’t try it during the day.

J and I watched another Columbo last night but like I mentioned earlier, my medication kicked in sooner than I was expecting and I don’t remember how it ended. We’re into the seventh season right now and I think it’s the last season of the original run. The writing sure isn’t as good as the first couple of seasons was but it’s still an enjoyable show to watch.

I’m really looking forward to playing with the quadcopter and those addressable LEDs (thanks again!!!) and they’ll be a great way to keep me busy during the week.

Stay safe.

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