Yesterday (the 2nd)

Song: “The Auctioneer” by Leroy Van Dyke

Mood: 7

Nightmares: 2

Yesterday was a decent day. I didn’t sleep very well again and was pretty tired but the day went not too badly. Unfortunately, it snowed again and some of it stuck around all the way into today. I don’t think it’s going to be too long before we get snow that sticks around until March…

My exercises went reasonably well. The earbud and ear defender system still seems to work pretty well, although I kept catching myself where my thoughts would wander away and do weird stuff because I had almost fallen asleep. Still, I felt better when I was done than when I started, and that’s the whole idea.

I did a bit of tidying around the house before FA came by, and one of the sinks has been draining a little slower than usual so I grabbed a plunger and cleaned it out so it works much better now. I should probably do that to all of the drains once in a while and keep them from slowing up in the first place.

FA arrived around noon and brought burritos and soft drinks (the local burrito place had a deal where you’d get a bottle with each burrito purchase) and we sat down to eat and shoot the breeze. As usual, it was a fun and enjoyable visit. For as long as I’ve known her, FA and I have never run out of things to talk about. One of us always has something we’re geeking out about, and when we’re not talking about that kind of stuff, we talk about pretty much everything else. Chemistry? Check. Law? Check. Cars? Check. Travelling? Check. History? Check. Yep, pretty much anything.

I had a Dr C appointment yesterday at 2PM so unfortunately it was a short visit. FA was nice enough to drop me off at my appointment (thank you!!!) and I headed into the building.

My appointment was difficult again. There are so many things going on in my head that are demanding my attention that it is hard to focus on what Dr C and I are talking about. She could tell that I was anxious and led me through a relaxation/grounding exercise which helped. We are still working on me getting out for my walks and spending time with/in the truck. It’s kind of like ERP but when I’m sitting in the truck, but I’m dealing with a lot more than one thing at a time – all of the things I worry about happening in the house are bothering me at the same time. I also worry that I’ve run over a child or someone’s pet when I back the truck out of the garage. I worry that someone is trying to call on the landline and I can’t hear it because I’m outside (even though I probably wouldn’t be able to answer it anyway). I worry about whether the front door is locked. I worry that animals have made it into the garage and will be trapped in there when I close the door. So many things.

I took a cab home and then put on some music and looked around on the Internet to see what kinds of sewing machine tips and hints and patterns there are out there. It didn’t take long for me to realize two things: one, I don’t yet know enough to understand the tips and hints, and two, most of the free patterns that are out there are not my thing. Too many fancy pants and tops, not enough welder covers and tool bags.

J got home a while later and brought supper – she stopped by a new Indian restaurant that’s pretty much fast food. The meal comes in a tray, and it was delicious. Not too expensive, either. I really like butter chicken and theirs is pretty good!

J started packing for her trip and then we watched some more Parks and Recreation and stayed up way too late talking about stuff. Unfortunately, my medication did its thing and I can’t really remember what we talked about. Hopefully it will come back to me before J asks me about it…

Today (the 3rd), J is getting the rest of her stuff together so she’s ready to head out really early tomorrow morning. It’s pretty much the same trip that she took a couple of months ago so I’m not concerned about her flights or hotel or anything like that. I will miss her tremendously while she’s gone, though, but we will be keeping in touch by text and video chat. And she’ll be back Thursday evening, too!

Stay safe.

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