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I had appointments with Dr P and Dr W today. With my current difficulties I am having trouble getting out of the house by myself, so J took some time off work to come home early and take me to my appointments (thank you again).

My Dr P appointment was difficult. I kept thinking of all of the things that could be wrong at home and how badly I wanted to be back there. We worked on some grounding and are going forward with the ERP. This week I’m going to be working on the stove. The plan is to work on it four or five times a day for the week.

After I was done my appointment, J was waiting outside in the car. We went directly home and spent about half an hour sitting around before it was time to head out to see Dr W. I was very glad for that bit of time – being at home for a bit helped, I think.

My appointment with Dr W was also difficult. We didn’t make any medication changes, which is fine. He encouraged me to work with Dr P on the ERP, stay active, and try to not get too down about what’s going on.

It was a huge relief to be back home. J is helping me a lot with things like the garage door and the locks, which I really appreciate.

I hope that what’s going on right now is very temporary. Things were going very well for a while there and I would like to be back to that.

Stay safe.

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