Windy Out There Today

Song: “Dunrobin’s Gone” by Brave Belt

Mood: 6.5

Nightmares: 0

Ghosts: Lots

Last night went quite well, I only remember waking up twice worrying, and the most I had to do was take a look at my phone for one of them. That was pretty great, and it helped clear the spider webs and sawdust out of my head a little quicker than normal.

There is a camera in the room with the printer that I use to keep an eye on the printer and make sure everything is okay. When I first set it up, I had just got the printer set up and was in a big hurry to start printing stuff, so the best thing I came up with was taping the camera to an old yogurt container and putting D-cell batteries in the container to keep it steady. A few months ago (it may even have still been in December), I tried to make a new mount but I had no idea what I was doing and it didn’t work out.

Last night, I started scrawling out some ideas for a generic mount that could pan and tilt. I finished the scrawling today and started printing it. The pieces that have come out so far (there are five in total) look pretty good and seem to fit together. I’m hoping to get the rest done tomorrow but we’ll see how it goes.

I spent a while today hacking up and drilling holes into a giant old Tupperware container so it would perfectly fit the food dehydrator that we picked up a couple of days ago. I put the customized lid on the dehydrator, and it was pretty near a perfect fit. I ran it for a few hours today and put in some saturated desiccant; when I looked at it two or three hours later, it was back to being a nice dark purple.

The weather wasn’t particularly great today. The sky vacillated between blue with sun, and grey with snow, but fortunately the snow didn’t stick around. I went outside, brought out some trash, and figured I’d go for a walk. The wind, though… the wind! I went back inside, swapped my light jacket for a heavier coat, and did two laps around the block before heading into the garage and puttering around in there for an hour or so. I found a couple of things I’d been looking for, which was fortunate because the garage is pretty messy right now. More good news, too – the piece of cardboard I put under the truck a few days ago has no signs of coolant (or any other liquid) leaking on it! I’ll still keep an eye on things, but that’s hopefully one less thing that will be bothering me when I go from sitting in it to driving it again.

I also spent some time sitting in the truck and found my anxiety increasing until I stopped arguing with myself and decided I was just going to sit there and not go drive around. I really want to get out and driving soon, though – the driveway and streets are pretty much clear of ice now, and with the coolant leak seemingly fixed, I have a lot less to worry about when I go to drive around.

Tomorrow I have a Dr C appointment. I’m not sure what’s going on in my head, but I don’t really want to go. The past ten days or so since my last appointment have been pretty busy, and I’m not sure if some of the stuff I’ve been doing that seemed to have helped are actually good or healthy things to do. Best way to find out is to go, I suppose.

Stay safe.

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