Where Did The Day Go?

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It was much brighter and sunny outside today. I didn’t sleep well again and tried the “get up, breakfast, take nap” technique but it didn’t work. Oh well.

I don’t know where the day went. And I don’t know why it’s already quarter after midnight when I’m starting to write this.

I spent quite a bit of time on electronics stuff, making cables for my garden project and fiddling with some Arduino things I’ve been thinking about.

A bird house is something I wanted to build back in the spring but I didn’t get to it (I’d like to put a camera in it to watch them). Anyway, I was wondering if making and putting up a birdhouse now would be a good idea since summer is almost over and I didn’t want them to fill up with snow and be useless. I did some investigating and it turns out that there are quite a few birds that stick around in the winter, and there are three things you can do for them that helps them out: put out (the correct) food, have a heated birdbath that keeps water from freezing, and provide a roosting box for them to shelter from cold and bad weather.

I’ve looked at a couple of plans for roosting boxes and they differ from birdhouses in that the entry hole is near the bottom (to help retain heat at the top), there are perches inside for the birds to sit on, and it has thick walls and/or insulation. The birds don’t lay eggs in the winter but if the weather is nasty they will pack into whatever shelter they can find to try to stay warm. The perches are needed because if they’re all piled on the floor, the birds at the bottom can suffocate.

The roosting boxes don’t seem to be all that big, and I think I am going to try to make one that’s convertible to a regular birdhouse in the spring. I’m waffling over making it out of wood or printing it up, but either way it’s probably going to have a lot of insulation to keep the little guys warm. J and I don’t use the deck in the winter; maybe we can put a roosting box and a feeder or two out on the deck railing for the cold season. Something to think about.

J got home later on this evening – she had another crappy day at work and wanted to mindlessly browse the mall to relax a bit. When she got home, we talked for quite a while and then watched two more episodes of Schitt’s Creek. We’re into season four now.

There’s nothing critical going on tomorrow, but I hope to FINALLY get that stuff outside (although I realized I need to switch the end on one of the cables, whoops) and into the garden. After that, who knows. Maybe my parcel will arrive and I’ll have some new stuff to play with (and hopefully not wreck). J has the afternoon off and it’s a long weekend coming up, so that’s going to be great!

Stay safe.

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