Went To The Record Store

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Things are a little rough right now. I didn’t get anything done this weekend and all I want to do is go back to bed or sit on the couch. I’m finding it very difficult to do anything. J has been picking up my slack and doing a whole bunch of extra work at home while I try to dig myself out of this rut (thank you so much).

WG and I were supposed to go to the record store this morning. I almost cancelled. I had to call him anyway to make sure everything was good but I was so close to apologizing to him again and saying I couldn’t make it. Then I thought about how long it’s been since I’d seen him and how I was worried about how difficult it had been to get ahold of him so I decided to give it a try. I hauled myself out of bed, showered, and headed over to his place where we met up and went to the record store in his car.

I hadn’t been to the record store in quite some time. Weeks? Months? I can’t remember. We had a very good chat on the way to and from the store and it was really good to catch up. He’s been very busy and has been travelling a lot. I picked up a few records (Blues Brothers, Marty Robbins, some classical) and, as always, we made fun of each others’ picks. I also picked up a classic Bing Crosby Christmas album so my Christmas preparations are now DONE.

It was very good to see WG. We’ve been friends for a long time and really worked well together when I was still at work. I’m really glad that we’ve kept in touch. Good friends are worth their weight in platinum.

Once I got home I tried to keep my momentum going but ended up back on the basement couch, staring at the ceiling.

J got home from work a few hours later and we had supper. After supper, I went back down to the basement but brought a Raspberry Pi to play around with. I already had a laptop by the couch so I decided to try and do a blog post today (I just couldn’t pull myself together enough to write one yesterday).

I have nothing planned for tomorrow but I really hope that I can get myself moving instead of just sitting on the couch. If I can’t do anything but sit on the couch I hope that I can force myself to turn on the computer and at least do something.

Stay safe.

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