Wednesday, April 11th

Song: N/A

Mood: 5

Nightmares: 0

Slept about the same last night and kept wanting to knock on wood today to keep the no nightmare streak going.

Exercises didn’t go well. I couldn’t concentrate so I gave up trying and stared at the ceiling for two hours.

My walk was more difficult today than it has been lately.

Did the stove twice and filled in the papers for Dr P.

My sister and mom both called, which was nice. Mom had good news about my uncle – he is apparently getting around the hospital ward in a wheelchair pretty well. My sister and I are trying to get into the habit of calling each other once a week on Wednesdays.

Called a request into the radio station but they didn’t play it.

Did some more figuring for the stuff for DA and got the quadcopter airborne for three very short flights.

Backed up the data on my phone.

Watched another Boston Legal with J.

Stay safe.

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