Videos That Make Me Smile, Part VII

My browser bookmarks got way out of hand again, so I went through them to try and clean them up a bit. As usual, there were a bunch of videos in there that I’d pretty much forgotten. Maybe you’ll enjoy some of them like I did.

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Here we go!

Bill Hader impersonates Arnold Schwarzenegger [DeepFake]

That it’s possible for someone with a plain old computer can, with a couple of photographs and the right software, make a reasonably realistic simulation of someone else both fascinates and bothers me. In this case, though, I think seamlessly changing Bill Hader’s face to look more like Arnold’s adds to the amusement. In the context of the video, hearing him say, “I WANNA WATCH DOC MCSTUFFINS” cracks me up.

Orson Welles Drunk Wine Commercial Outtakes + Final Dubbed Version

aaaAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, the French…

Loz’s magnificent 7-tone fart symphony – the #1 video in the world, for one day in May 2015.

So, this guy and his brother used to record audio of their toots and send them to each other. One of them was musical enough that he built a song around it and put it on the Internet. Truly, we live in a wondrous age.

Random Acts Of Genius Vandalism

Some of these are pretty great. The X-Men sign in particular made me laugh pretty hard. The music in this one’s kind of annoying, so you may want to turn the volume down.

Atlas Robot – Swearing Mod – Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics has a couple of different robot models that are pretty neat. Every once in a while they post videos of how well their robots handle rough terrain or being knocked off-balance. Someone took one of those videos and added a voice (and appropriate bleeping) that changes a good video into a GREAT video. The very last line of the video cracked me up and reminded me of Bender from Futurama.

So that’s all for this installment. I hope you found something in there that made you smile. As an aside, I don’t like how Firefox handles bookmarks now. Remember the old days where you could create folders for your bookmarks and have everything show up when you clicked the bookmarks icon?

Stay safe.

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