Videos That Make Me Smile, Part IV

I think that no matter the mood, there’s really no bad time for happy or amusing videos or GIFs. Some days when I’m feeling low I need to remind myself to sit down and watch something enjoyable, and it usually helps cheer me up – at least a bit.

Here are some more videos that I’ve stumbled across that I enjoy. Hopefully you’ll find a couple that you like too!

If you’re interested, here are my other posts like this: PART I, PART II, and PART III.

The Talking Boat

This is an old one that I keep forgetting about and rediscovering. I especially like how he gets louder near the end.

Hysterical bubbles! (original) – laughing baby

I have no idea why the baby finds this so funny or why the dog doesn’t mind the taste of soap, but I wish I laughed that hard more often!

Side by Side of the Simon & Simon intro and parody

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Simon & Simon when it was on TV. It was probably meant for a slightly older audience than me but I thought it was great. Rick’s Power Wagon (with Macho Package) was a great vehicle – almost on the same level as Herbie or even KITT. This is a side-by-side comparison of the original TV intro and a remake starring Adam Scott and Jon Hamm as AJ and Rick. I think it’s really well done.

Bike Trick In Bedroom Breaks TV

Thanks for the help, Mom. You too, dog. Don’t call an ambulance or anything – my spine normally juts out of my calf like that.

Rubber Chickens Harmonizing

Here’s another one that’s made the rounds of the Internet a few times but always makes me smile. I find rubber chickens amusing but it would never have occurred to me to try this if I came across a bin full of them.


I originally thought the previous rubber chicken video was fake or edited to make the unholy scream sound more… unholy. Fortunately, Adam Savage got wind of the original video and decided to try it himself, thereby proving that yes – pressing on a lot of rubber chickens/ducks at the same time makes it sound like someone left the door to Hell open.

Stay safe.

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