Very Anxious Today

Song: “Beds Are Burning” by Midnight Oil

Mood: 6

Nightmares: 2

Today’s been a bit more difficult than most of the days have been recently. I didn’t sleep all that great and when I got up this morning I was even more anxious than I was yesterday. J had the day off (which was great) and we got everything ready for when my sister and her family stopped in.

Their plane was delayed by three hours so they got here at dusk. J had prepared snacks for everyone in case they just wanted to hit the road immediately, but fortunately they stayed here for a while. It was great to see everyone again – I can’t believe how much my nephews have grown – and we had snacks and a good chat.

I don’t know why I was so anxious about today. I’m feeling quite a bit better now but I’m still anxious. Everything went swimmingly, and they’re family for Pete’s sake. I guess I just don’t want anyone to be left out or upset by something I did or didn’t do. Fortunately, J was here and everything’s better when she’s around.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with Dr W. It will probably be the last one for 2017. Man, this year just flew by.

Stay safe.

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