Up Too Late Again

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Okay, really quick post because I need to get to bed.

Today was a busy day. My homework and exercises went pretty well. The time it takes for the anxiety hump to pass is reliably shorter than it was before. The intensity is lower, too.

It’s quite cold out there today.

I sent out my texts. DA is home sick with the plague today so I asked if he wanted to be put on the list of people I text with my silly videos and pictures and he said sure.

Reinforced, sanded, and painted a table in the basement.

Put up a smoke detector in the basement. Dropped my screwdriver four times, good thing J wasn’t home and the windows were closed.

Lots of parcels arrived today. Sometimes the delivery folks don’t even knock or ring the doorbell to let you know they’re dropping stuff at your door before they take off. I don’t like the idea of parcels sitting on the step for a while before I check and take them in.

Did lots of sewing today. Got one bag completely done (handles and all) and I am quite pleased with it. Unfortunately, I do not have enough polyester webbing to make another set of handles, and I ran out of yellow thread. Might put them aside for a bit and sew some pillowcases with white thread – I still have lots of that. Or black.

Waiting for one last parcel to arrive. It’s going to be a big sucker. It’s been delayed but may still arrive tomorrow. Here’s hoping…

J has Monday to Wednesday (inclusive) off next week! She needs some time away from work and I’m always happy when she’s home.

Tomorrow I plan to do more sewing, do some cleaning, check for that parcel, and who knows what else.

Stay safe.

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