Turned The Corner

Things started to look better on Saturday evening. I began to feel like I wanted to do things instead of spending all of my time in bed. Today things are even better, and just in time, too. I have a very busy week ahead of me: going record shopping with WG on Monday, group on Tuesday, Dr W appointment on Wednesday, Dr C appointment on Thursday, hanging out with FA on Friday. It’s going to be good.

I’m quite curious about how the group will go. I’ve never been to one outside of the hospital and I hope this one is as open and friendly as those ones were. I got a lot out of them and they really helped me when I was in bad shape. I’m a little nervous about driving to it but I think I’ll practice tomorrow and see how well it goes. J has the buses all figured out so if I need to go that route I can.

J and I may have solved another problem that’s been bothering me lately – my back has been really sore when I’ve been sleeping. So much that it wakes me up between 3 and 4AM and it’s very difficult to find a comfortable position to get back to sleep. It’s my whole back, too – from the base of my neck to my hips. I was worried one of the medications were causing it, but it turns out that since I got my CPAP machine I’ve been sleeping on my back a lot. Before the CPAP, I would sleep on my sides or stomach so it looks like I’m just not used to sleeping on my back for hours at a time. We put some a couple of large pillows on the bed last night and I slept on them and my back this morning was fine, so it looks like a mattress pad is in order. That’s an easy fix and a bit of a relief – I was worried it was one or more of the medications I’m taking that was the cause.

The plants are doing well. All eight tomato plants are about 3-4 inches tall at this point, the beans are about a foot tall, and lots of peppers and some of the herbs are coming up. I talked to my dad this morning and asked him if he’d be interested in helping me build a raised garden and he jumped at the idea. It shouldn’t take too long – the slowest task will probably be filling it up with soil and putting in the plants. I’m tempted to keep some of the herbs inside this year because every summer caterpillars demolish the parsley.

Oh, man, I’m feeling SO much better than I did earlier this week. The downs aren’t fun, but coming out of them sure feels good. I have J to thank for a lot of that. Even though I wasn’t a ball of fun to be around, she hung out and kept talking to me and was very supportive. She made an Easter cake last night that looked like the back half of a bunny and it was delicious. Then today she made steaks for supper and they were so good I was sad when they were gone. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’m really very lucky to have such a wonderful, supportive wife. Somehow she can stand me on the days that I can’t stand myself.

All in all, the weekend was pretty good. I didn’t accomplish an awful lot, but I think that feeling better today than I have for the last six days is a pretty good accomplishment.

Stay safe!

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