Today Was Better

Song: “Goodbye Earl” by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

Mood: 6.5

Nightmares: 0

I slept a lot better last night. Didn’t have any trouble getting comfortable and there were no nagging aches (other than the usual ones). I still woke up several times but it was because I was worrying about the garage door and the car.

Thanks in no small part to a much better sleep and a lack of kidney stones, today was considerably better than yesterday. It was gorgeous outside – a nice blue sky and very mild, considering that there’s snow all over the place. My walk and homework went reasonably well and it only took about half an hour until I was over the “anxiety hump”, which is a big improvement that I hope I will be able to maintain.

I sent out my texts and got to work on making a cloth bag. I spent a lot of time yesterday puzzling out the perfect size to minimize waste and make a reasonably sized bag, and I went over the numbers again and everything looked good. I went to measure out where the pieces would go and discovered that they’d cut the fabric pretty crookedly at the store. So I cut a piece off to square it up and started again. I cut the pieces out, held them up triumphantly, and realized that I’d forgotten that there were going to be hems and seams. So… I spent a bunch more time working backward and worked in the extra space. I suppose this is what I get for thinking that I can figure this stuff out by myself.

Anyway, I did more measuring, a bunch of ironing, and a lot of very gingerly pressing the sewing machine’s gas pedal and finally ended up with this:

Denim rectangle

Yes, that is a calculator. Yes, I use it.

This is the result of two days of work. BUT – it’s an actual rectangle with squared corners and I remembered to do the back-and-forth thing at both ends of the fabric so it shouldn’t come loose. Tomorrow I will do the same thing to the other two pieces (which are side pieces and much smaller), then attempt to put it all together.

J and I binge-watched some more Schitt’s Creek this evening. We’re down to one episode remaining in the second season. The season has been pretty good and I think we’re both enjoying it a lot.

So that was pretty much my day. Homework, texting, math-ing, sewing, and hanging out and watching TV with my favourite person. Much better than yesterday.

So far, it sounds like my folks are still coming to visit on Sunday. Mom is bringing along lunch and Dad is looking to work on things around the house that we need help with. There will be a lot of time to catch up and shoot the breeze, too. I’m looking forward to it!

Stay safe.

2 Thoughts on “Today Was Better

  1. Next time we come over I will show you an easy way to make a bag.

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