Tired But The Day Was Alright

Song: “Mother’s Little Helper” by The Rolling Stones

Mood: 5.5

Nightmares: 0

Alright, it is way too late and I really need to get to bed.

A few bullet points:

– J’s day went very well. Lots of good info and meeting nice people.

– Today went alright for me.

– I’m didn’t sleep well and am tired.

– Did some writing.

– Gave my parents a call.

– Kept myself busy.

– Listened to more music.

– Thought about DA’s cabin again.

– Worked on cleaning up the kitchen.

– Did some reading.

– Watched some Community.

– Chased a bunch of ghosts, then gave up and used the ear defender trick again.

– Lunch was yogurt and Raisin Bran, supper was burgers and fries.

– J’s aunt offered to give me a ride to my appointment on Wednesday.

– FA is coming over tomorrow for lunch and talk/game/capers!

I need to get more sleep tonight and based on how I feel right now, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Stay safe.

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