Tired But A Good Day

Song: N/A

Mood: 7.5

Nightmares: 2

I didn’t sleep as well last night as I have been for the last couple of days. Not a big deal but it left me yawning today a little more than I would have liked.

FA came by this morning and we had a good talk before we headed off to the hardware store. There’s always interesting stuff to see at the hardware store and I enjoy chatting with FA while we do an aisle crawl. Today we were on a mission, though – we were looking for something that blinks an LED for a project that FA is working on. Something cheap and easily disassembled to get at the innards.

We didn’t have any luck at the hardware store so we went and had lunch at the burrito place again. I always get the bean and cheese burrito and it’s really good.

After lunch we headed to the local dollar store to see if we could find anything that was suitably blinky there. There were a couple of possibilities and FA finally settled on a little USB-powered snowman. I was very tempted to buy some candy (okay, a LOT of candy) but I managed to hold back.

After our adventure at the dollar store, we went back to the house and FA took the snowman apart to see if its innards would do the trick. It was quite interesting – just a multicoloured LED attached to the USB cable. The circuitry that made it change colours must’ve been built into the LED. Neat stuff.

My Dr P appointment was cancelled today. He was ill and couldn’t do the appointment this afternoon. That’s okay, I’m doing pretty well. I hope he’s feeling better.

After FA left, I did some laundry and listened to music. I have to admit that I’m really enjoying that Hooked On Classics album. I wonder what the musicians in the orchestra that played it thought when they first saw the sheet music for it. Probably a couple of rolled eyes here and there, I bet.

And now we’re heading into the weekend. I think it’ll go well. I’m looking forward to hanging out with J and watching a movie or two.

Have a good weekend!

Stay safe.

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