Tired And A Headache

Song: “A Little Respect” by Erasure

Mood: 6

Nightmares: 0

I didn’t sleep well last night. I woke up quite a few times and getting back to sleep was more difficult than usual. I’m nervous about my relatives coming over on Saturday. They’re family, have always been nice, and they’re only going to be here for a couple of hours. I don’t know why I’m worried about it, but I am.

Unfortunately, between the worrying and clenching my jaw, I got a nasty headache. I could feel it coming for hours, and despite taking some Tylenol, I couldn’t keep it from arriving and stepping on my skull with heavy bronze boots. Seeing as how I felt nasty and hadn’t had much sleep, I left Dr P a voicemail saying I didn’t think I was going to be able to make my appointment today. I got an email back in the afternoon from him saying that it was okay and we’re scheduled for next week.

Because of how I was feeling, I took it pretty easy today. My exercises didn’t go well because I was too tired to keep my mind from wandering away and having really odd thoughts and sending me away on strange, colourful adventures. It also didn’t help that the heavy machinery was running two houses down the street again for the whole day.

My mom called today and we had a good little chat. My relatives are there right now and everyone’s having a good time, which I’m really glad about. Like I said earlier, I’m still a little nervous about them coming over, but it’s not because of them – I think it’s more because J and I rarely entertain guests.

I texted with a couple of people, too. Not a lot, but hopefully enough that rumours that I’m dead don’t get started.

I didn’t go for my walk today but I did spend some time in the back yard. I went out a couple of times to make sure the air conditioner was working properly. Everything looked good – it’s not dirty, it wasn’t vibrating badly, it sounded good, and it didn’t seem to be abnormally hot. I really, really hope that I don’t need to go outside and check the air conditioner every day…

The little spruce tree we planted there last summer may be starting to get sick but I’m not sure. It was quite hot and humid out again today, but we got some thundershowers this evening that dropped some very needed water, so if the tree is thirsty it should help.

J has been working on the insurance sheets for the next stage in my claim. I am really, really grateful that she is taking time out of her own schedule to do that stuff. Any dealings with the insurance company make me pretty ill so I don’t think I could do the paperwork myself. Greatest wife ever!

I’m heading to bed right away but that reminded me that I took a picture of Lloyd last night while he was sleeping. He always tucks into the same place at night – under the protective canopy of the plastic glow-in-the-dark plant. He just sits there, looking dead, until his gills open and close.

Lloyd The FishBuddy never seems to sleep – he’s always busy. Finding him in dim light can be difficult unless you bring a flashlight along and look for the glow of his eyes. Here he is, hiding behind Ralph the marimo moss ball.

Buddy And RalphTomorrow I need to do some cleaning around the house to get ready for company. I may also try to find something else to look at under my microscope. I just need to keep busy – no sitting around like I did today.

Stay safe.

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