Today started out a little rough. When getting ready to leave the house, I put my phone down at least three times and forgot where I put it. Then, I got to Dr C’s office and found out my appointment was actually yesterday. Despite the mistake being 100% my fault (if you’re reading this, I’m sorry about that), she was able to fit me in somehow and I think we got a lot of stuff done.

Thus far, Dr C has been leading me through a lot of CBT and it’s helped a lot. There are a few things that are proving to be a little more stubborn, though, and for that we’re going to try EMDR. I’m not familiar with it at all but she described it in detail and gave me an information sheet to look through. I have high hopes – the CBT worked better than I could have possibly hoped, and as I’m receptive to the EMDR, I don’t see why it shouldn’t help.

I’m still not feeling quite right. It’s like I’m a little bummed out or something, but not quite. If it’s still bothering me tomorrow I’ll do some meditating on it and see if I can figure out what’s going on. I hope it’s not the beginning of another slide – the good thing about that is I have a much better idea of what to do if it happens and with luck I won’t end up in the hospital again.

J came home early from work today. She has also caught the creeping crud. I made her tea and hung out with her for most of the afternoon and evening. I enjoy being near her, even when we’re doing totally separate things. I played some more Mass Effect and fiddled around with the new Raspberry Pi camera. I’ve got it working but it’s really out of focus. You can change the focus manually but it takes a really careful touch to not break the camera.

Tomorrow, the weather is finally supposed to start approaching normal for this time of year. I’m really hoping to take the plants outside during the day and put them in the garage at night. I also want to get the oil and coolant back into the bike and start it up again. Once the bike is done, I have to cut up a few cardboard boxes that are in the garage and I can start welding again. I’m really looking forward to it – J got me a new welding shirt for Christmas and I’m really looking forward to not starting myself on fire like I did with my previous welding shirt (that was just denim). The first thing I’m going to weld is a practice bead or two on some junk steel, then I’m going to make a stand for my grinder. I have the parts, but I just need to get it all together.

Stay safe!

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