Three In A Row

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Mood: 6

Nightmares: 0

Ghosts: Lots

I slept pretty well again last night. Woke up three times that I can remember but after quickly checking the garage door and stove pictures I was able to put it behind me and go back to sleep. I even woke up a little later than usual, which was a nice (and pretty groggy) surprise.

I didn’t get as much stuff done today because I kept getting chasing ghosts and had trouble setting priorities. I kept flitting back and forth between things, with the end result being that I mostly spun my tires and accomplished very little. Today was the second day since I turned it on (December 7th) that the printer wasn’t running. I haven’t run out of projects – far from it. I just had an appointment this afternoon and I’m not entirely comfortable leaving everything running when there’s nobody home. I’ve let it run overnight a few times and that’s been okay, but we have a smoke detector and extinguisher in the room with the printer just in case.

My sister called and we had a good chat. They got an awful lot of snow over the past two days so it’s pretty much a snow day everywhere where they live. Kids didn’t get to school, grownups didn’t go to work, so everyone was home. Fortunately, despite the weather, my mom got out there safe and sound and will now be out there for the next few weeks.

My Dr W appointment today was in some ways better than normal and in others worse. Dr W was in a good mood and laughed several times while we were talking, and apparently when J went in to chat about some of the insurance stuff, they had another good laugh. That’s good. Dr W wants to make sure I’m not forgetting to do the ERP stuff; fortunately, I haven’t.

Texted again with FA today and I think we are good to try the hardware store trip on Friday. While J and I drove by it on the way to my appointment this afternoon, I noticed that there was a sign saying it’s still open during construction. That’s got me a little antsy, but FA had a good point – there may be more deals! I found my gift card and wrote out my list of stuff to look for, and everything else will fall into place on Friday. Just need to hammer out the last few details, like does she want to go to the store right when she arrives or does she want to come in and chat for a bit first? I guess we’ll see…

Ok, I just fell asleep for 30 minutes at the table so I think I need to call it a night. Sorry for the short post!

Sty safe.

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