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Just a quick post tonight. Things have been pretty good the last few days, and the weekend went by far too quickly (in a good way). I also haven’t fallen asleep on the couch since last Thursday night, which is pretty great.

FA came by this morning at around 10:30AM and we went to the hardware store. It’s been quite a while since we were last there, and there’s a section in the store where they’re always getting in different, handy, cheap, odd, useless, and utterly unrecognizable things. Between the two of us we filled a cart (the giant bag of glass beads took up a lot of space), and after we sorted our stuff and went through the cashier, both of us were surprised at both totals.

When we got back into her car I looked at the clock and was gobsmacked to see that it was… 1:43PM.


I confirmed that the clock was correct – we spent three hours in the store! I haven’t spent three hours doing… well, pretty much anything for years now. And, it was outside the house. Aaaand, there were other people there. Three hours!

We went and picked up burritos and took them home, where we had a late but delightful lunch and talked about all kinds of stuff, from pull-up resistors to, uh, tassels. We worked on one of her projects a bit, I showed her some of the electronics stuff I’ve been playing around with… can’t go wrong with a bit of a geek-out!

J and I had a good evening too. We talked a lot and watched another episode of The Toys That Made Us, which is a series about various toy lines that pretty much everyone has heard of. It’s interesting, done quite well, and some of the little things they edit in are pretty funny. I really enjoy watching shows with J – there’s just something I really enjoy about sitting with her and the two of us constantly pausing shows to make jokes or remember something.

Tomorrow I have nothing scheduled, which is good because after today I’m kind of pooped. I have some electronics stuff that I want to work on, and I need to sort through the bags of loot that I brought home from the store today.

So far it looks like I’ll be going to the church to volunteer for a bit on Friday. We’ll see what happens.

Man, what a good day!

Stay safe.

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