Those Moles Won’t Bother Me Again

Song: “Sir Duke” by Stevie Wonder

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Like usual, I woke up a bunch of times again last night and got out of bed feeling pretty tired. J had the day off today, so we were able to talk while we had breakfast and checked out the various sites we check in the morning. (Yes, I know it sounds nerdy but looking at things on a laptop or a tablet is a lot easier than using a newspaper).

My exercises didn’t go well. I can’t remember much of what happened, which is usually an indicator that I either dozed off a bit or spent time in that half-way zone between being awake and asleep. Either of those options are not good.

I don’t think I said this yesterday but I bought the digital version of the Undertones’ second album – Hypnotised. I have the vinyl but wanted to be able to easily carry it around in my phone. It’s a great album that is a worthy follow-up to their first record. I still think “Get Over You” is the best Undertones song (and one of the best songs overall) of all time, but Hypnotised has some great music, too. Plus, it has one of the best album covers ever seen:

The UndertonesThis afternoon was my appointment with my GP, Dr H. I put together a list last night to make sure I didn’t miss or forget anything, and I took two PRNs before J and I left the house. I was pretty anxious but after a little while I could feel the lorazepam calming down the din in my head a bit. I also wore that fidget ring that my sister got me:

FIdget RingI also had a little bean bag in my pocket in case I needed something other than the ring to be anxious with.

I was led to the Minor Procedure room and sat there for a couple of minutes alone, hoping that the lorazepam would do the trick.

Then, Dr H came in and talked to me for a couple of minutes about what we were going to do, how long it was going to take, and what to expect. Shortly after she started talking, a nurse arrived in the room to assist during the procedure.

While I sat in the chair, they scrubbed the three locations on my head with alcohol, then gave me shots to numb the areas. The two on my scalp weren’t too bad but the one on my face was a little tender.

Then, I moved from the chair to the bed and they got to work, laying out those little surgical drapes with a hole in it so they can see what they’re doing. I tried my best to keep still and was working that fidget ring hard, but things went very well and I didn’t wring any new holes into my skin. They removed the moles one at a time, put them in sample bottles, and then started stitching me up. The whole thing took less than an hour from when I got to the clinic, and between the PRNs, J, Dr H’s bedside manner, the nurse, and the ring, I think things went pretty well. I go back to the clinic on Sunday morning to get the stitches out. Check out the artistry (these are the two scalp ones, I’m not going to show the one on my face).

Mole Removal StitchesThey’re a little annoying right now – not painful by any means, but just something that keep remind me they’re there.

I asked Dr H if I could try going off the pantoprazole since I’m no longer taking sertraline and she encouraged me to try. I will give it a try tomorrow morning and see if it feels like my stomach is trying to corrode its way through my abdominal wall.

After we got home, J and I hung out and talked for a while before she had to go out to another appointment. While she was gone I sent a couple of texts and spent some time listening to music and playing with my phone.

After J got home she wasn’t feeling too well, so I put on some water for tea for her and after a little while, she started to feel better. We watched some Boston Legal, and that always helps.

As for me, I’m very tired right now. I think that even though I took PRNs, had tons of support (J, Dr H, Nurse C) and had something to direct my worries into (ring), the anxiety that was in the background instead of out on display still tuckered me right out. No editing the post tonight, I’m afraid. I’ll deal with any embarrassing things I’ve written by accident tomorrow.

Stay safe.

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