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Sorry I haven’t posted for a few days. Lots of stuff going on, I’ve been pretty busy, and I’ve been doing a LOT of thinking.

This past week has had some ups and downs but for the most part it’s been okay.

Let’s see… trying to remember the big things that happened…

Dr H had referred me to a cardiologist about my weird “lungy” feeling, and my appointment was Wednesday afternoon. I wasn’t a big fan of the clinic, but the doctor and his staff were very good. I was having some problems with staying calm but J drove me and stayed with me and was (as always) tremendously helpful (thank you!!!) They took an EKG, the doctor asked a whole bunch of questions and did some more tests. Of course I wasn’t feeling any symptoms at the time; even so, he is pretty confident that my heart is fine, which is great news. You know, obviously. Just to be on the safe side, he wants me to do a cardiac stress test so that’s happening next week. He expects it will be normal but even so, it’ll give us a baseline to compare to later on if things change. I’m pretty pleased with how it went.

I spent a lot of time this week working on various projects. My new laminar nozzle is put together and ready to test, and I hope it will do the trick. I also designed and did a test print of a stand for some of J’s stained glass and it turned out alright. I spent a lot of time listening to the SDR – I like music in the background when I’m doing stuff, but having the airport or some other channel playing is pretty interesting too.

Oh, and I have successfully fused several short lengths of filament together and re-spooled it for use later, and the fused joint stays together and feeds into the printer and extrudes normally. It might not be perfect but it’s nice to be able to actually use the various 5% or 10% full spools that are kicking around.

Friday was an interesting day. I had a bone scan scheduled for 8:20AM, and we needed about 45 minutes to get there and sign in, so I ended up getting up at 6:30AM. At least that’s what J told me – I was still pretty groggy. I think the test went okay.

After the test, J took me to meet up with FA. Funny story – due to a slight misunderstanding or miscommunication on my part, instead of getting together with FA and tinkering with stuff or playing board games, I instead volunteered to help her hang and mud some drywall. So yeah, J stopped the car, dumped me out and pointed me at FA, and I just kind of wandered around and tried to not get in her way. After a little while my head cleared up and we had a really good conversation while we worked. FA and I have always worked well together, and despite the fact I was putting up drywall in a pretty warm second floor stairwell instead of drinking lemonade while playing Carcassonne in an air conditioned room, I had a great time!

We went for lunch at a different burrito shop and it was very good. The dough wasn’t as good as the place we usually get burritos from, but I had the pulled pork and it was SO GOOD. Plus, I had a diet Lime Fanta. Plus, the restaurant was aggressively air conditioned. Plus, before we ate, I went into the washroom to wash my hands and, after noticing that the sink was reasonably large, I stuck my head under the cold water and ran it for a little while before drying off and heading back out to eat.

After lunch we got back to it and after a while, the first coat of mud was done and we were tidying up. FA drove me home (thank you!!!) and we stopped on the way to get her an iced coffee and me a faux slurpee, which was delightful. I stepped in the door, put my stuff down and took off my shoes, and slowly oozed up the stairs, turned on the air conditioner, and sat directly in front of a fan to eat/drink my frozen beverage. I was pooped.

Here’s the thing, though – I was out of the house yesterday for EIGHT HOURS, and neither of the places I was at were familiar to me. Yes, I did dip into the PRNs a few times, and yes, I snuck in some breathing and grounding (although FA may have just been too polite to say she noticed), but I was out of the house for a good day’s worth of time, AND I spent most of that time working on stuff! I haven’t even stood up that much for a long time, nevermind actually accomplished something! FA said I was useful, too, so assuming she wasn’t fibbing, that’s even better.

So, as I sat on the couch feeling like I was about to keel over, I felt pretty good.

A little while later, J got home and brought supper (BEST WIFE EVER) and we talked about our days while we ate (although it was more like she talked and ate while I sat there all glassy-eyed). We hung out for the evening and tried out a new show called Diagnosis. It was good – J and I are playing a game so whomever figures out the illness or gets the closest guess first gets ten points, and the person who suggests the right treatment first gets five points. So far it’s 10-5 for J.

I crashed pretty hard after taking my evening medications last night and I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow. I slept like the dead, too – a good seven or seven and a half hours. I don’t remember waking up once, and don’t even remember having any dreams. J says she lifted up my arm and shook it so my hand was flopping around and I didn’t even grunt.

Okay, so this post was supposed to be about the last few days but it was mostly about yesterday. It was a pretty big day, though.

And it’s nice to know that my heart isn’t about to give up the ghost, too.

Have a good weekend!

Stay safe.

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