Things Went Well

Song: “If You Wanna Talk Berry” by Strawberry Shortcake (ehurrrrghhhhhhh)

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Ghosts: Lots

Well, it’s already way too late. I should really start in on these earlier…

I slept pretty well last night. I was worried about stuff four or five times but I only needed to look at my phone so I didn’t have to get out of bed.

J dropped the truck off at the dealership this morning and sent me a text letting me know everything had gone well and she had made it to work.

With our front and back yards looking more like mustard field than lawn, a few days ago J and I finally threw in the towel and hired a lawn service. I had briefly considered going out in the middle of the night and using the dandelion picker to transplant all of the dandelions on our lawn to our neighbour’s (he spends a lot of time working on his lawn), but I didn’t want to dig up 38397225 dandelions (at last count) once, nevermind twice. Anyway, I wasn’t sure if the lawn service had been by but I wandered into the bathroom where the window was open and got hit by a big disgusting wall of chemical smell. Normally that would bother me but this morning I smiled at the thought of the dandelions withering and dying under the chemical onslaught.

Two more parcels arrived today so I have another bag of interesting stuff to play with. Lots to do, and I kept quite busy. I almost lost track of time but I looked at the clock in time to get ready for my Dr C appointment.

The appointment was less draining and difficult than a lot of them have been. I was able to concentrate a lot more on what we were talking about, and I think I actually looked up a few times. We’re still working on the memory confidence stuff. I’m not sure how it will turn out but even if it provides a small amount of leverage against the OCD, it’ll be worth the time.

Before the appointment, out of the corner of my eye, I could see one of the other patients in the waiting room looking at me. I glanced over at him and he looked… familiar. Like someone I may have barely known from work. It was a little unsettling but it only lasted a couple of minutes before Dr C came out to get me.

Once my appointment was done, I took a cab to the dealership where the truck was sitting after the successful airbag recall work was done. I went in the wrong door but one of the sales people flitted over and helped me find where I was supposed to be. I asked the service guy how the work had gone and if there’d been any problems. He looked at his screen and said, “nope, it was fine. It’s a really nice truck.” That was nice and it put a smile on my face as he gave me the key and pointed to where the truck was sitting.

I thanked him and wandered out to the lot, where my little truck was parked between two behemoths, right in front of the $@^% giant propane tank. The truck started right up, the air conditioning kicked in, and I slowly and carefully backed out of the spot, avoiding the propane tank and its guardian cement pillars. Once we were rolling forward, though, things were fine. Traffic was nice and light, and the dealership isn’t far from home. I even got lucky and caught green lights (and a left turn light!) all the way.

J had class after work today so she wasn’t home until later in the evening. I got lazy and had some yogurt and granola for supper, then puttered around with various electronic-y stuff and pedalled my little bicycle thing until my sweetie got home. We hung out and talked about our days and how everything had gone, and then did some of our own stuff for a while. It was too late for us to watch a show, but we’ll watch one tomorrow for sure.

The tree removal company is supposed to be back to grind the stump in the back yard, maybe even tomorrow. I have left the gate unlocked and will see if I can get to sleep knowing that it’s unlocked. If I have to go outside and lock it, it’s not the end of the world. Anytime is a good time for ERP, I suppose…

I have no appointments tomorrow or Thursday and it’s supposed to get up close to 30C. Aside from my usual tinkering/puttering, I am going to spend some time mucking about in the garden and enjoying the fresh air. Maybe I’ll have lunch outside, who knows?

Stay safe.

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