Things Are Going Well

I didn’t sleep very well again last night but the sleep I did get was quite refreshing. I woke up in a good mood and had breakfast before J headed off to work. I exercised, took care of my worry period, and then got on with my day.

I’m a little embarrassed to say this, but I spent a good chunk of my morning playing Mass Effect again. I am really enjoying it, although it did take some time to get used to after the controls of the other ME games. I did get some tidying up in, though, so the morning wasn’t spent all on computer games.

My appointment with Dr C went very well today. She has suggested that I find an anxiety or depression group so that I can talk with a bunch of people who have the same issues I do. I enjoyed the group sessions while I was in the hospital, so I’m really hoping to find something in my area. I know there are some downtown but even when I was well I wasn’t comfortable driving there. Nowadays, I can’t even get to downtown, nevermind drive around in it.

On the way home from my appointment, I stopped for gas and then picked up some groceries. I grabbed an enormous sandwich from their deli for J and I for supper and some hard margarine. I’m went in specifically for the margarine because I would really like to make bread again sometime soon and that was the one ingredient I didn’t have.

My evening has gone well too. I spent a fair bit of it cleaning up the kitchen and living room, and then played more Mass Effect. Very shortly J and I will settle down in front of the TV to watch an episode or two of Community before we start to get ready for bed.

FA is coming over tomorrow! I’m a little nervous but really looking forward to seeing her again. I think she’s bringing some stuff over for both of us to work on / play with before we go for a trip to do an aisle crawl in the local hardware store. I looked through the flyer ahead of time and there are a bunch of things I’m hoping to pick up. Just little doodads and surplus stuff but neat stuff all the same.

Tomorrow evening is the start of the weekend and I’m not sure what we have planned. I think I’m going to spend some time in the garage cleaning it up. I put the motorcycle battery on the battery tender so it will be ready if I ever get up the guts to ride it again. I really hope so – there’s nothing quite like bopping down the highway on a bike.

Stay Safe!

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