The Weekend Has Gone Well…

Song: “Bumble Boogie” by B. Bumble & the Stingers

Mood: 6.5

J is on her way home as I type this, and I will be very glad when she’s back. This weekend went pretty well, though.

I finished the main story of Mass Effect: Andromeda and fortunately, the game lets you go back and finish all the side quests after the game is “over”, too. I think it’s a pretty good game. Maybe not quite as good as the first three ME games but quite good all the same.

I also listened to a lot of records and watch a few of my favourite episodes of Community. J and I watched the series finale and I found myself quite sad that it was all over. The acting was great, the writing was great, and the characters were great. I guess one of the good things about having the DVDs is that you can go back and watch it all over again whenever you want. We kind of did the same thing with Scrubs – another great show.

I was feeling pretty good so I was able to do a couple of hours of mindfulness exercises. Some days they’re a lot easier to do than others, and it was very easy to clear my mind and get into it this weekend. I find that it’s very important for me to do mindfulness exercises regularly – it helps a lot when I can figure out where particular thoughts are coming from and deal with the cause, not just the thought.

Yesterday, I could see a little tiny translucent triop swimming around. It looked like a tiny little stingray doing loops and dives in the container. Unfortunately, I can’t find it at all today. Maybe it’s hiding in the sediment, maybe it died… I’ll give it a few more days before I toss the water out and try again.

I may be going record shopping tomorrow morning with WG. I’m not 100% sure at this point but we spoke last week and were hoping to get to the record store. We always go on Mondays because that’s when the “new” records are put out. I usually give them a quick look before heading to the dollar shelf and going through that.

J just got home so I’m going to end this here. I hope everyone had a decent weekend!

Stay safe!

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