The Eulogy Went Over Well

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Once again, my batteries are almost completely flat so this will be a very short post.

I didn’t sleep well last night again and it’s really starting to affect me. I’m not able to get back to sleep in the morning, I’m not able to fall asleep for a nap, and I still wake up a bunch of times during the night. I need to get more sleep.

My Dr P appointment was difficult but the time and effort I put into my homework paid off. Dr P distilled a number of what he thought were my personal values listed in my eulogy and we are both going to look some more over the next week and see if we can find any more. I was having trouble with it getting too grim and unpleasant so I changed some things to make it a little lighter. Just in case you’re curious about what killed me, it turns out that sometime in the future I get into a not-well-thought-out fistfight with a big Kodiak bear.

Okay I’m really sorry but I have to stop here. I’ll write more tomorrow.

Stay safe.

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