Terrycloth Shenanigans

Song: “Liquid Lunch” by Caro Emerald

Mood: 6.5

Nightmares: 0

Ugh… it’s already really late so I need to be brief.

I haven’t had any nightmares for the last few days, which has been great. I’m still waking up because I’m worrying about things but I’ll take that over nightmares anytime.

Winter weather has settled in. It’s not “bitterly” cold out, but it was cold enough to make me shuffle a little quicker when I was out today. You know up to that line in the cold where you can still get away without wearing gloves? I think we’ve crossed it. It’s not too bad when I’m sitting in the truck, though.

That reminds me, I really need to get the snowblower ready and see if it starts. Rumour has it we’re supposed to get more snow soon. I must remind myself to do it tomorrow when I’m outside.

I’m still feeling kind of queasy about the insurance/work stuff that’s going on. J has been very patient and helpful about it but I still can’t kick the notion that there’s another shoe waiting to drop. Getting phone calls during the day from weird numbers doesn’t help… and neither does people sitting in their running cars for 15 minutes in front of the house. I know, I know – try not to roll your eyes.

So there’s bits of white fuzz all over the house. On a completely unrelated note, I finished the first set of towels I plan to donate – two bath towels, two hand towels, and two facecloths. They went through the washer and dryer this evening… and survived! It’s definitely been a learning process but it’s been very interesting, I enjoy doing it, and it is a very good way to spend time. Hopefully, despite their quirkiness, the towels will be useful in some capacity. I’m looking forward to making more and seeing if I can make them a little less quirky.

I’m not sure what my next sewing project will be. Lots of ideas and things I want to do/try, but I have to make sure I don’t go off in a hundred directions, none of which I actually finish.

The pharmacy that J and I moved our prescriptions to has been really good. They haven’t forgotten anything, handed out broken pills, not bothered to mention anything when we have no refills, and haven’t faxed the wrong doctor with the wrong information. Not so far, anyway. It’s a little farther away but so far I think it’s been worth it.

I’ve got a lot more stuff I want to talk about but I should probably end this here.

Stay safe.

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