Tales From The Ward, Part V

Day 18

Nurse J is my nurse today 🙂

Lots of work nightmares again last night.

Breakfast was French toast, sausages, and oatmeal. Not too bad.

New guy came in last night, he’s in the room next to me.

Nurse J just stopped by and we had a very good chat about today’s pass. She says she finds it rewarding to work with me. She is a very good nurse!

Lunch was pulled pork on a bun with green and yellow beans, coleslaw, and fruit mix.

Went on a pass at 3PM. Hung out with J and my mother-in-law and had some very good fried chicken. The pass was great but around 6PM I could feel the anxiety building. Left for the hospital a little early but that’s okay.

Had a meltdown after re-reading the card that Mom gave me. Everything is so hard – getting up, going to groups, going out… I don’t think I can do it.

Nurse T is my nurse this evening, she supported me again while I cried. She is a good person.


Stay safe.

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