Tales From The Ward, Part IV

Day 26

Fell asleep at 2300, woke up at 0600. Woke up only twice from nightmares.

Was very dizzy for a little while today. Not sure why.

Feeling very groggy this morning.

Breakfast was Special K, a bagel, and fruit sauce.

Looks like one of the patients is being discharged when they don’t really want to. I hope things turn out well for them.

Group this morning was healthy living.

Dr C should be here today.

Lunch was a chicken salad plate, bagel, and diced pears.

Did a 45 minute easy walk today. Felt good to be active.

Someone’s been wailing in the bathroom for over ten minutes now. I really hope they’re okay.

My session with Dr C went very well. She asked me a bunch of questions and – fortunately – once again saw how everything fit together and that I’m not psychotic or otherwise crazy. I will continue to follow her instructions to the best of my ability. I am very lucky to have her as my psychologist.

Supper was fish sticks, potato wedges, carrots, and mango for dessert. I believe I’ll be dipping into the candy shortly…

Dr W has filled out the disability paperwork and given it back to me.


Stay safe!

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