Tales From The Ward, Part II

Day 8

Didn’t get quite as much sleep last night – there was yelling and thumping at about 11PM that woke me up. I was able to get back to sleep and finally woke up at around 6:20AM. Makes for about seven and a half hours of sleep. Not too bad.

My eyes feel like someone poured salty sand into them this morning. Plus, I have a giant pimple on my forehead. Ouch.

Had some nightmares last night – all about work. Need to talk to someone about that I think.

A is my nurse again this morning. That’s good.

Sounds like a lot of people are back from passes. Much louder and more bustle around here this morning.

Another freak-out by that same guy. I must admit that those incidents bother me quite a bit.

Having some bad thoughts. Spoke with A, she was very helpful as always.

Group this morning was about what we wanted to challenge ourselves with this week. I said I’d like to recognize panic attacks sooner so I can stop them.

Feeling pretty down today. Looking forward to J and Mom visiting.

Pollock for lunch. Choked half of it down. Man, I hate fish. I can always ask them to put me on a no-fish diet but I’ll try it for a bit longer.

Group this afternoon was about the KonMari method of organizing. Worth a look!

The guy doing all the yelling lately was transferred out during group. I hope he gets the help he needs.

Supper was veal, mashed potato, peas, and mango pieces for dessert.

Meeting with Dr W went well. He says I need to get the work stuff figured out. I agree.

Feeling quite down.

Evening nurse is P. Seems pretty laid-back.

Had a difficult but very good visit with J and Mom. Spent most of it crying but it was so good to talk and the hugs were very therapeutic. I’m so lucky to have such a supportive family!


Stay safe!

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