Tales From The Ward, Part I

I kept a journal from the times when I was in the hospital so I figured that I’d post excerpts from some of the entries every once in a while. I can’t name or even describe people or their actions, so everything is going to be limited to me and what I went through.

Okay, here we go…


Day 1

I arrived in the evening, after being in the ER at one hospital for a physical evaluation, a Crisis Centre for my initial psych evaluation, and spending overnight at another hospital’s psych unit. The staff at the front desk were very friendly and patient with me. They got me hospital clothes and socks and locked all of my regular clothes up. I met my psychiatrist, Dr W. He seems OK.

I’m in Room 17. It’s got three walls, a curtain, a little desk with no chair, a hospital bed, and some shelving. I wonder how I go about getting a chair. Maybe it takes time before I can have one.

Dr W wants to change the medications I’m on. That’s what – 3 changes now at least? At least I’m not on things I don’t need anymore. It seems my GP didn’t know what he was doing. Might need to change doctors once I’m out of here.

I’m a little frightened. The staff is great but the environment is strange and many of the residents are quite ill. I’ve tried saying hello several times but have mostly been ignored or only given the briefest of glances.

My nurse this evening is C. She’s very nice (like the other staff). She’ll be the one who gives me my medication this evening. I’ve got to admit – I have no idea how to act or what to say around the others.

I hope things go well.


Stay safe!

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