Sun And Blue Sky!

Song: N/A

Mood: 5.5

Nightmares: 0

I don’t really know how well I slept last night. I remember waking up several times and don’t remember having any nightmares, but I still feel like I’m running on fumes.

My homework went reasonably well today. It still sucks, it just seems to be sucking a little less. The weather was really nice for the walk part, though – blue sky and sunny. No water on the road, no mist hanging in the air… it was sitting around freezing but it sure was nice to see the sun for a change.

I sent out my texts today and had a couple of interesting conversations with people. I enjoy sending the texts and having little “no obligation” conversations.

Talked to my folks and my sister today. Everyone is doing well – my parents aren’t too happy about the weather (but that’s pretty normal at this time of year) and my youngest nephew’s hockey team has won its first two games so he’s pretty excited.

I spent some time hanging out with Lloyd today. He will follow a laser dot around in the tank. I don’t think he considers it food because he just kind of meanders toward it but it’s still amusing. Buddy is not a fan of the laser pointer, and Ralph doesn’t care.

It’s supposed to be very pleasant here tomorrow and I’d really like to give the truck a wash. J got home this evening at about 8PM and helped me slowly get the truck out of the garage and into the driveway. It was VERY difficult for me, but J was there helping and I was only going about 20 feet, very slowly. Once the truck was out, J gave me the OK sign, I shut off the truck, jumped out, and locked it. As we were on our way back into the house, J checked the truck door for me, too, so I’m a lot less worried about it than I was. Thank you, sweetie! 🙂

Tomorrow is supposed to be really nice and then it’s supposed to get cold and crappy again so I plan to grab a bucket, some rags, and the shop vac, and wash and clean the truck in the driveway. If that works out and I have some more time, I’m going to see if I can squeeze under the truck and apply some rust protectant in anticipation of that nasty road salt. I also need to remove, clean, and check the spare tire to make sure it’s ready to go in case I need it.

But I’m very tired again and need to get to bed. Have a good night, everyone.

Stay safe.

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