Sturmfreie Bude

Song: “H.M. Jollies” by Kenneth Alford

Mood: 7

Nightmares: 0

Ghosts: Swarm

Last night didn’t go so well. Despite trying everything I could think of, it was after 5AM before I finally dozed off. I got up several times, sat out in the living room, read and re-read sales flyers, did grounding and breathing, checked to make sure I took my evening medications, did everything to “reset” my going-to-bed routine… but no luck. I wasn’t any more worried than usual, there weren’t any unusual sounds or smells, so I have no idea what happened.

So the good thing was I finally fell asleep. The bad thing was someone rang the doorbell and knocked at the door about five hours later, waking me up and startling me a bit. Probably just as well – I don’t want my sleep schedule to get messed up. They left a pamphlet in the mailbox so at least I know which organization woke me up.

I was doing some printing for FA yesterday and yesterday morning the power went out and stayed out for about 90 minutes, wrecking the print. Today the power went out again and stayed off for about 90 minutes again. The two outages taught me three interesting things: one, it’s VERY quiet here with no power; two, the fish don’t seem to care if their pumps aren’t running; three, my phone battery does not last very long when I’m watching Netflix over the cellular network.

Aside from the long night, short sleep, and power outage, today was not too bad. I spent far too much time chasing ghosts, but I think that my crappy sleeps lately are more responsible for that than anything else.

I spent quite a bit of time today working on my Raspberry Pi SDR. My battery solution… well, it “works”, but when I compare the signal the SDR sees running off the battery to what it sees running off the official Raspberry Pi Foundation AC adapter, it’s pretty bad. So it’s back to the drawing board as far as that goes.

J headed out of town this afternoon to visit her folks for the weekend, so I’m batchin’ it for a couple of days. I have supplies, a long list of projects and things to work on (see previous paragraph), an enormous queue of shows and movies to watch, and what looks like fair weather, so I’m in pretty good shape. I also plan to take a day – maybe tomorrow – to take it easy and go for a nap if I’m tired, see if I can catch up on some sleep. We’ll see what happens.

Stay safe.

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