Still Tired

Today has been a decent day. I’d say I’m sitting around a seven or seven and a half. I’m still really tired, though. I managed to get out and mow the front lawn this morning before it got too hot. It looks a lot better now but I expect that in two or three days we’ll have shin-high dandelions again. It’s supposed to get really warm as the week goes on – hopefully our ancient air conditioner still works…

J switched her hours around again so she could drive me to my Dr W appointment (thank you!) and it went pretty well. Dr W and I decided to cut back my quetiapine by 150mg so now my nightly dosage is 450mg. I’m happy to be taking less medication and hope that a lower dosage will help me stay awake during the day.

Other than that, not much is going on today. I probably have more to say but can’t remember it right now.

Stay safe!

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