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And another six days have gone by. I’m starting to wonder if I’m actually a robot and J is turning me off and putting me in a corner somewhere for a couple of days each week. Let’s see…

I’m still keeping busy with projects and stuff around the house. I’m almost done those coin holders for my sister – just waiting on some springs to arrive, of all things. I made a lot of progress on something DA wants, and I’ve done some work on the things FA and I have been working on.

This past Friday I went to do the first part of that OCD study. I’m still glad I did it, but it wore me right out. J’s aunt drove me there (bless her) and we had a good chat along the way like we usually do. The building the study is being done in is not what you’d call “modern” – everything is grey and worn and it’s like a maze with tons of tiny little offices. I was expecting to be there for an hour or 90 minutes. That changed to two hours, then two and a half… I finally stumbled out of the building a little more than four hours after the session started. The person running the study also ran the session, and he was very pleasant and friendly and reiterated that I could take breaks or leave whenever I wanted.

The plan was for me to finish earlier in the day and go for lunch with FA and DM and then hang out at their place and talk and/or work on projects and/or geek out. Even though it was over two hours later than I’d expected, they still picked me up and we went to the burrito store in their part of town, then back to their place to have lunch. Despite me being in kind of rough shape and certainly not at my best, I had a good time hanging out with them and was happy to have finally made it to their place for the first time in… two years? Something like that. They are very good friends and I really appreciate that they still picked me up, still wanted to hang out, and weren’t irritated or put-off when it’d take me ten seconds to respond to a question. Thanks, you two!

After I got home on Friday, I didn’t do all that much. J and I hung out and talked a bit, and I stayed up for a while after she went to bed. I thought a lot about the day and was happy (and a bit embarrassed) about how the afternoon had gone, but I was still glad to have gone to the study. When I finally went to bed, I put my head down and that was it – I was out. I don’t remember waking up even once either Friday or Saturday night. No nightmares, no worrying about things… my poor tiny brain was worn right out.

My Dr C appointment today was good but tiring. I drove again and things went pretty well. It was my first appointment since J and I visited both of our parents and she wanted to know all about it: how things went, what was going on in my head, what I did for coping, etc. She was very happy to hear that it went well and said that it’s normal that I was so tired afterwards. We also talked about the study (apparently a four hour session isn’t that out of the ordinary), and then spent the rest of the time working on sleep stuff again. I’ve got more homework to do, and hopefully after the next session we will start making changes to my sleep schedule. The intent is for me to get more sleep (I seem to be getting anywhere from 5.5 to 6.75 hours over a usual night) and to adjust my sleep schedule so I’m getting to bed and waking up earlier.

After my appointment, I went and picked up a package from the local post office, and got gas for the truck for the first time in almost 11 months. I’d like to say it’s because the truck gets great gas mileage, but no – it’s because the poor thing has sat in the garage all sad and lonely. I like the truck.

I don’t know what’s going on for the rest of the week. Now that one of my bigger projects has reached a milestone, I’m tidying up a bunch of the stuff that’s spread out all over the dining room table. This is good, because it was even starting to get to me – I’m kind of surprised that J didn’t just elbow it all into a garbage bag and throw it out. Once the table’s cleaned up, though, there’ll be lots of space for another project!

Oh, and my computer just dinged at me – some of those springs I’m waiting for just shipped and should be here tomorrow. So that’s another project that’ll be done soon!

Stay safe.

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