Slowly Getting Back To Normal

As you may have guessed from the previous post, things didn’t go quite as J and I (or anybody, for that matter) expected when we got the dog. I knew things were bothering J but I didn’t realize how much she’d been hiding and how wrung-out and miserable she was. I’m very grateful that she said what was going on so we could try to figure things out and fix them.

It turned out we didn’t have much time – J’s distress had well exceeded her limits and she was on her way to a big crash. And frankly, I probably wasn’t the most effective help for her at that point. Fortunately, a few texts and calls later and family and friends were at the door wanting to help. I won’t reiterate what J said in her post but there are some people who really came through for us – THANK YOU VERY MUCH. My sweetie means more to me than anything in the world and seeing her slowly get better over the past week has been wonderful.

Other things are slowly returning to normal, too. In addition to taking care of herself, J has been pounding the virtual pavement and submitted some more job applications, and has gone to visit and help out her aunt a couple of times. As for me, I’m back to puttering around with some projects I may or may not finish, working with the personal trainer (which is going surprisingly well), and trying to keep getting out more while the weather is still pleasant.

Speaking of which, J and I got out to see DM and FA the other day. We had a delightful burrito supper and just sat around and shot the breeze. I took advantage of the time to play with their dog and also lay down on the floor so she comes over, floomps down, and lets me pet her for… I won’t know – I lose track of time. And today, I met FA at a dog park and we walked for an hour and a half and watched her dog sniff around, say hello to other dogs, and (my favourite) chase thrown balls and frolic in the river. It was a good time with a good friend and a good dog and I enjoyed the conversation. And today was some of the best driving I’ve had since I got sick. There was construction, but traffic was pretty light, most of it was highway, the truck ran like a champ and I could feel the miles melting away as I drove with interesting and weird music blasting away. It was one of those days where you feel almost like you could just skip the turnoff you’re supposed to make and keep driving and driving and driving. It was a good feeling.

This coming week… Well, I’m not sure what’s going to happen. I have an appointment on Tuesday evening which I’m not particularly looking forward to. J and I are also considering taking a day trip on Wednesday, and I have another session with my trainer on Thursday. No plans for Friday yet but something in the back of my head is saying “are you sure”? So no, I’m not sure.

I hope you all have a good week and may you not have any nasty surprises!

Stay safe.

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