Slow But Productive

Song: “Waltzing Matilda” by The Irish Rovers

Mood: 7

Nightmares: 0

Ghosts: Pack

I slept like a log last night. I remember waking up twice, which I think is some kind of personal record for me. I was worried that the garage door was open and the front door was unlocked; fortunately, a quick glance at my phone was enough to let me get back to sleep.

As expected, it took me quite a while to get up the steam to stumble out of bed and start in on my day. I think I lost around 45 minutes because I made the mistake of sitting on the couch and zoning out for a while, but after a while of observing some very odd hallucinations when I was in that weird halfway zone between sleep and being awake. In one of them, I was standing in a chocolate shop in town. Everything looked normal except for a giant set of chocolate alphabet blocks that sat on the top shelf and spelled, “NOW SERVING CORVIDS”.

After I came back to the real world a few times, I got myself together and started doing some puttering. Working on FA’s project helped pass the time, and I’ve knocked a few things off of my list, so that’s good.

J stopped by the store on the way home and picked me up a new razor (thanks sweetie!). Since I’ve been going without my beard (which still doesn’t feel right), I’ve been using my trusty old razor that I got for Christmas about two decades ago. It still technically “works” but doesn’t hold a charge or spin the motors as fast as it used to. I don’t like replacing things when they still work, but the old 5841 has done its day and seen quite a few places in North America.

Whooo… sorry to be ‘that guy’, but this guy needs to sign out and get to bed. Tough to keep my eyes open. I hope I have another good sleep tonight! And I hope yours is too!

Tomorrow will be similar to today, but my plan is have all of my stuff done and tested so I’m not worrying or holding FA back when she comes over on Friday!

Stay safe.

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