SIX &$@&%#$ HOURS

Song: “Act Naturally” by The Muppets (starring Gonzo)

Mood: 6

Nightmares: 1

I slept much better last night. Only one nightmare, and I think I woke up worrying fewer times than normal.

The day went alright. I spent time in the truck today and started it up but didn’t take it anywhere.

My exercises went ok today, too.

I was supposed to have an appointment with Dr W today but unfortunately, J was stuck at work and couldn’t make it home to drive me. I called his office and it turned out to be no problem.

I spent a lot of time doing sewing-related stuff. Made a new beanbag today and figured out how to fill it without tilting the machine.

[I can barely keep my eyes focused, I need to end this post ASAP]

I messed up my first attempt but on the second try it turned out great. The washable fabric marker ink came off too so it looks a lot better.

Then I decided to give mitts another try. I found a great video describing how to do them and I eagerly and attentively followed along. I had some trouble making the pattern (I kept feeling like I was missing something) and then when it came to apply the pattern to the material, I had some more problems with how it was going to fit, etc. But I eventually got it cut out (a single piece pattern!) and then tried to figure out how to fold or various parts so I could pin and sew the appropriate spots.

I’d been working on the mitt for, oh, maybe two hours by this time. I spent the next FOUR HOURS watching and re-watching and re-re-watching 15 seconds of video and trying to figure out what I was messing up. For the life of me, I could not figure out why, when I pinned the thumb pieces together, the thumb pointed down. I’d take it apart, try flipping it around, trying all kinds of stuff – none of which helped. Shortly after J got home this evening, I gave it another try. The thumb pointed down again. Something occurred to me and I grabbed the thumb and flipped it so it pointed upward.


So anyway, after I calmed myself down (I almost ran around the house swearing but J was on the phone) and watched the next part of the video a bunch of times, I lined up the fabric and stuck pins in all over the place (thanks for picking those up, J!!!). Then it was time to stitch it together. Despite going slow, I went off track a couple of times but it wasn’t the end of the world, just get back on track and start again. When it was finally done, I had this:

Homemade Mitten

And that, folks, is a mitten.

It’s a bit small for me, but it fits J perfectly. Now that I know the instructions work, I can tweak the pattern here and there to adjust for bigger or smaller hands. The only other things I’d like to do with the mittens is sew a hem around the base of the cuff, and put an elastic just before the wrist.

I’m sorry but I have to go, can’t even see what I’m tying anymore. I apologize for all of the mistakes and/or odd things I may have written. I’ll take a look at the post tomorrow.

Stay safe.

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