Short Post Today (Tired)

Song: “The Nomi Song” by Klaus Nomi

Mood: 6

Nightmares: 0

Sorry but I’m beat – this is going to be a short post.

Today was a busy day but it went pretty well. I didn’t sleep all that well again last night and couldn’t get back to sleep after J left for work but I had no nightmares, so I think it works out okay.

I did my exercises, which didn’t go very well because my mind kept jumping tracks and thinking about work and insurance. I did a single round of the stove exposure and have been filling in the new sheet like I’m supposed to.

I had my Dr H appointment today. I was very nervous and, to her credit, Dr H was very patient while I fished for words and stumbled over myself while talking. There’s good news – my blood tests came back good, and my cholesterol is down quite a bit. I’ve been to many doctors over the years, and I don’t think I’ve EVER heard one use the word “delighted” when talking about my bloodwork until today. Unfortunately, there were some other tests I had to get done while I was there so I was walking a little funny on the way out of the building. I have to get some other blood tests done right away and I go back to see her in the middle of May. Going to get some moles removed, too.

I like Dr H. I think that she’s a very good doctor. She’s patient, always friendly, she’s always on time, and I think she genuinely cares about her patients. She may very well be the best doctor I’ve had. My previous GP was always in a bad mood, always late, and was not very good at diagnosing issues or following up. Before that, I had a GP who was good at his job but not so good at other stuff – he’s in prison now.

So yeah, I really like Dr H. Just another example of the fantastic professionals who help me out!

I have my Dr W appointment tomorrow afternoon. I’m not looking forward to it but maybe he will have some suggestions or possibly make a medication change. We’ll see. Either way, I’m hoping it will be a quick appointment.

Oh, and J picked up some Nanaimo bar for dessert this evening. God, I love Nanaimo bar…

Stay safe.

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