Run, Fat Guy, Run

Song: “The Thing” by Phil Harris

Mood: 7

Nightmares: 0

Ghosts: Lots

Today was a decent day. I remember waking up three times last night but I didn’t need to get out of bed for any of them, which was nice. I got up pretty early today, too, and wandered around in a fog but managed to get some stuff done. I wonder if the extra sleep I got on the weekend helped, and if so, how I’d keep things going so I don’t get run down again.

One successful print does not a happy printer make, but I started one this morning and it came out wonderfully. Even came off the print bed without any fuss. I’ve got a bunch more stuff I want to print, so the printer will be put right back to work tomorrow morning so I’ll know tomorrow if today’s print was just lucky. I hope everything’s back in order – I have been really enjoying designing and making things, and whenever I have to take the printer apart, ye olde flop sweate roars in like a really disgusting greasy tsunami.

Speaking of sweat, I spent a lot of time outside today. I didn’t go for a walk, but I was fussing about in the back yard, puttering around with my garden electronics project, and having a battle of wills with the rabbit that keeps coming back no matter how often I chase it out of the yard. I’m starting to wonder if the rabbit sees it as a game, what with the fat sweaty guy lumbering by in a straight line when the rabbit darts off in a different direction. I’m pretty sure it knows I’ll never be able to catch it, and sometimes when I finally manage to slow down and turn, the rabbit is already comfortable enough to be sitting in the grass, eating. It may be mocking me. I’m not sure.

While I was outside, I was looking at the barbecue a bit and giving it some thought. It hasn’t been turned on in a few years, mostly because the grille is shot and at the time I couldn’t find a replacement. I had a couple of ideas today for things to try, though, and while the thought of standing outside in the heat doesn’t really appeal to me, it makes less sense to turn on the oven to cook things while the air conditioner is running. So, if I get the chance tomorrow, I may whip off the cover (which is about ready to crumble anyway) and see what’s left underneath. I think the propane tank is (was) pretty much full.

Mom called today and we talked for a little while. She’s very excited for my aunt (her sister) and uncle to arrive at their place tomorrow, and she’s also oddly excited that my aunt and uncle are coming over here on Wednesday. I’m really looking forward to seeing them again – Mom said today that it’s been 17 years since we all last hung out. I can’t believe that – 17 years! Jeebus.

There’s a lot more bad news leaking into the little circle I try to stay within, and it’s starting to bother me again. I know for my own sake that the best thing to do is do my best to avoid it, but it’s the kind of stuff that I feel very bad for ignoring and wish there was something I could do to help. There isn’t, of course, but that doesn’t make me feel any better.

J and I watched another Stranger Things this evening. Only one more and we’re done the second season. I must admit, I have found quite a few of the actions that the characters have taken this season to be a little odd – both in ways that aren’t congruent with their behaviour from the first season, and in ways that defy any kind of logic. There’s a lot of exact timing that had to happen for things to work, too. Still, it’s a pretty great show and I think I’m going to have to go back and watch it from the start again when we’re done this season.

I’m not sure what’s happening tomorrow, I’ve got about eight squidjillion things on my list, including the stuff I was hoping to do today yesterday. Hopefully I will get a decent sleep and have another productive day (ideally with less sweating and rabbit chasing).

Stay safe.

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