Reeeeeally Short Today

Song: “My Old Yellow Car” by Dan Seals

Nightmares: 2

Ghosts: Pack

Okay… I started to write this post but have fallen asleep twice now in my chair so I need to head to bed.

Short version is that I had more nightmares (tent) last night, I’m getting yelled at and asked about my Disaster Recovery plan, and some of the characters on iZombie are doing ridiculously silly things. I also got locked out of my online banking (I need to do a post about CAPTCHAs) and spent 15 minutes on hold with the bank so they could do a single mouse click.

My mom returns home from her trip tomorrow. I know she is having a wonderful time but I suspect she will be very pleased to be back in her own house.

I have a Dr W appointment tomorrow. J’s aunt (the one I played cards with) is driving me (if you’re reading this, thank you!!!).

Okay, off to bed before I fall over or type something embarrassing.

Stay safe.

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