Really Need To Get To Bed

Song: “Keep A Knockin’” by Little Richard

Mood: 6

Nightmares: 3

Not a great sleep again last night but that’s okay. I must’ve been sleeping in a weird position or something because for the first time since I got it, my CPAP machine reported a jump in the number of times it detected me apnea-ing. The numbers are still well below what the doctors want to see but stopping breathing while I sleep can cause all kinds of other problems.

Had an appointment with Dr H today, a followup from the last appointment. Good news is there’s nothing too bad going on. The bad news is I need another round of surgery (sigh). I also mentioned that my pinky finger on my left hand is tingling and numb and weak and she had that all figured out in like 30 seconds. That might need some surgery too. Oh well.

Spoke with my folks today, they got a good amount of snow last night. We got a little bit this afternoon and are expected to get more tonight. Dad may be coming out tomorrow to hang out but he’s going to wait and see how the roads are before he makes up his mind. It would be good if that worked out – I had a good time when he was here last.

J’s day went well again. I’m very pleased that her trip is going so well, she’s learning a lot, and has the time to do breakout sessions with some people so they can share knowledge with each other. But I am VERY much looking forward to her being home safe and sound again. I miss my sweetie.

Watched some YouTube videos of people doing dumb things, and some sewing instruction videos. Fired up the sewing machine and ran a bunch more stitches to get better at making nice, straight, consistent, secure stitches. It’s going pretty well and I’m looking forward to maybe trying to make some other stuff tomorrow. I’ve got tons of old rags and bedsheets, that kind of thing, so there’s lots to practice on.

Aside from Dad potentially coming over, I don’t have much in the way of plans for tomorrow. Some sewing for sure, and I might take it apart to clean it just to learn how. We shall see.

Stay safe.

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