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***My hosting provider did a hardware upgrade this weekend. Everything looks good except the post I did yesterday is missing. Here it is again***

FA came over this past Friday afternoon and we had burritos and worked on her project again. I had a good time and enjoyed puttering around with things and chatting with her. I think I said this in an earlier post, but I think we work well together.

This weekend went by very quickly. I kept busy for quite a lot of it and had some good results in several areas. Some, however, weren’t quite as good:

Failed 3D print

Hey, they can’t all be perfect…

With J home, it’s so much easier for me to concentrate on things – I can actually get in the groove and work on something for more than 15 minutes at a time. I should mention that that is only one of around two billion reasons it’s nice when she’s home.

At my appointment with Dr C last week, she mentioned a show she’d seen that she thought I might be interested in – a documentary called Behind The Curve. J and I watched it and it was both fascinating and kind of frustrating. I met a flat-earther once while I was in the hospital and we had a very interesting chat that was very similar to some of the things we saw in the documentary.

No appointments this week so I hope to get a lot of things accomplished. House stuff, printing stuff, sewing stuff, project stuff… all kinds of things. FA may be coming over again on Friday, too!

Stay safe.

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