Quick Post – Big Day Tomorrow

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Really quick post because I have to get to bed early to wake up early tomorrow.

I slept better last night and felt quite a bit better today. I didn’t accomplish a lot around the house, but my Dr C appointment went reasonably well. We talked a lot about what I was thinking and feeling while I was out and how we can keep the momentum up.

I took my evening pills quite early tonight; the plan is to wake up tomorrow at 8AM and be clear-headed enough at 9AM to top up the coolant, back the truck down the driveway, drive to the shop a few blocks away, and communicate the things I’d like them to do. If it takes longer before I can clear my head, it’s not the end of the world.

Around noonish, J’s aunt is planning to come by (with the exception that if either of us feels like crap we won’t hang out) and play cards and have snacks. She has some very strict dietary requirements but one of the things she can eat is potato chips, and I’m ALL OVER that! I’m not sure how long she’s going to hang out but I hope we can turn this into a regular-ish thing, like once a month or something like that. Being social is important I think.

Dad’s still planning to come out on Thursday, we are coming up with all kinds of stuff to do or play around with while he’s here. Should be great!

My alarm is set, wish me luck for waking up on time tomorrow and for not being half in the bag until noon!

Stay safe.

2 Thoughts on “Quick Post – Big Day Tomorrow

  1. You could back into the garage and then you would have a clear field of view when you drive out.

    • That’s a very good idea. Backing into the garage would be quite difficult, but after it’s done, I’ll be home and not going out again. Thank you for the suggestion!

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