Pretty Quiet Today

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Today kind of slid by without me realizing it. I slept alright last night but it felt like it took a lot longer than usual before the fog in my head cleared today.

As soon as I could spell my name and reliably count beyond six, I started working on things again. I spent a lot of time playing with Fusion 360 and I did a fair amount of writing.

My plan with the writing is to do up a little blurb for my nephews to read about some of the cool things that are going on around them that they may not have thought much about. Water, cells, light, music, stars, magnets… I had originally planned to just do a little thing about cells but it’s grown into a few pages. I sometimes wonder if I just keep adding to it because I’m worried about what they’ll think of it. They’ve always been interested in the science-y stuff I’ve shown them before, but who knows. And I shouldn’t really care if they’re interested, anyway. They’re allowed to like different stuff!

I spent a lot of time today actively avoiding dealing with the mess in the kitchen. I don’t understand how it goes from clean and sparkling to a disaster in 20 minutes. I ended up doing some work on it; I will take another run at it tomorrow.

Oh, and another one of the things I ordered a while ago arrived today – a fancy little magnifying glass thing:

Cheap Handheld MagnifierI am surprised with the beefiness of the magnifier and how well it snaps together. The 30x magnifier works great, 60x is okay, and 90x is difficult to use. Having three different LEDs underneath for different situations is great, but I wish it didn’t take three LR44s for power. Oh well.

It was also a treat to get another package I wasn’t expecting. I wonder how long it’s going to be before the whole order has arrived… and will I have another shopping list to order by then?

I accidentally flexed my arm the other day while I was using the blood pressure machine and I exploded the cuff (I have to be SO careful about that). J picked another one up today on her way home from work (thanks sweetie!) and I set it up this evening. It’s got a really neat Bluetooth feature that… actually I don’t know what it does, because as soon as I saw the word “Bluetooth”, I looked up how to turn it off. The new machine seems to be working great so far, although I would prefer if the numbers on it weren’t quite so high. Yeesh.

I have a few things planned for tomorrow. No appointments, but lots of stuff I want to get done. I’m on revision 8 of something I’m trying to get printed, I have towels to make, I want to listen to some records, I need to think about the SBCs I gathered up last night (ten of them!) and figure out whether I want to do something with them or get rid of them. Lots of stuff to think about.

Stay safe.

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