Pretty Quiet Here

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Ghosts: Pack

Things have been pretty quiet here. I’ve been keeping busy with lots of different projects and tasks, and for the most part I’ve been able to concentrate on the stuff I’m doing.

It’s been gorgeous outside the last few days and the snow is melting which is great, but with the change in temperatures the house is making all kinds of weird sounds again like it does every spring and fall so that’s been a little more noticeable.

Had a single nightmare two nights in a row (tent), and I’ve had a lot of just plain strange dreams, too. Like changing the oil in my motorcycle and when I remove the drain plug, fresh clear water comes out, and pouring in more oil just made more water come out. Or going for a walk with J and watching cat-sized squirrels chasing each other up in the trees. Those are okay, though – I’d rather have a thousand dreams that leave me wondering what the hell I ate earlier than waking up from a single nightmare.

With all the stuff going on in the news, I’ve been a lot more careful/picky about what sites I visit and what I read. You can only do so much, though, because there are reminders everywhere. Traffic on the main roads in town is less than half of what it usually is, businesses are closed or have limited their hours, and despite the fact our civilization is intact and still functioning, people are STILL panic buying and clearing out entire sections of stores. I’ve even been limiting the amount of time and which hours I play STO because the chat in it is all about what’s going on.

Despite all that, I’m still not waving my arms and winding myself up into a tizzy. Maybe it’s because I’m a lot more isolated from the real world than most people are (although that seems to be the proper thing to do nowadays), or maybe it’s because things here really aren’t that bad – most of the stuff going on here right now is about preparation and trying to keep things from getting bad. Maybe I’m actually able to look at it now without trying to find every inconsistency or thinking up the worst possible outcome, then thinking up something even worse. Could be something else entirely, too.

I haven’t been great about maintaining my sleep diary lately. I need to get back on track with that – it provides a lot of useful information that has already been useful.

Tomorrow I plan to do a few things: print some stuff up, design some other stuff, do some electronics, do some tidying, and if it’s nice out, go for a walk. We’ll see what happens.

Stay safe.

One Thought on “Pretty Quiet Here

  1. You are an overlord of some sort in STO now, right? Maybe you can set some team chat rules: playing this is to take your mind off things, so this is a no-COVID zone. A lot of people might be right on your page!

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