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I didn’t fall asleep on the couch last night, but I didn’t sleep all that well, either. I think it might be the weather change – I wore shorts and a tshirt to my appointment yesterday (I got a couple of strange looks), but what was supposed to stay as rain turned into quite a bit of snow that continued through today and is supposed to dump even more on us before the weekend is done.

It took me longer than usual to get going today, which was unfortunate because I was a little late for my second volunteer session at the church down the street. The person I’m working with is very pleasant and eager to learn, but I’m a little worried that she may be saying “yes I understand” when she may not completely. Still, things went pretty well and I hope that the work we’re doing is helping her out.

There was a cold-looking little bird sitting around our front step. He would run away when we got close but didn’t fly. With the wet snow and water everywhere, J and I felt bad for the little fella so we put out a little box and some sunflower seeds and peanut chunks. I figured if he had a broken wing then he was probably going to die over the next couple of days, but I’d rather he died with a full belly and a bit of shelter – you know, as comfortable as possible. I looked outside a little later and must’ve startled it because it took a couple of funny hops and flew at about knee height to the tree in the neighbour’s house across the street.

Speaking of trees, the wind and wet snow broke a non insignificant part of the tree. I called the city and they said it could be as much as two weeks before a crew comes out to pick it up. Not a big deal.

This evening, J and I watched the last episode of Chernobyl. We both enjoyed it quite a bit, but some of the machinations of the KGB and various Communist Party officials seemed like it had to have been played up for the camera. The summaries of the characters at the end of the show was pretty sobering.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with Dr C. I am not looking forward to going – with the snow we could get some water in the basement, or the roads could be bad… I know I said I was going to drive but I really don’t know if that’s going to happen. We will see.

I hope that bird is alright.

Stay safe.

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