Playing With The Quadcopter

Song: “You Might Think” by The Cars

Mood: 7

Nightmares: 2

Today went by very quickly. I slept pretty well last night (much better than I did on Saturday night) and got out of bed looking forward to the day. It was easy to get into the mindfulness and worry exercises and they went quite well.

The ERP this week is going along pretty well. I’ve been having some trouble with the doors but I think it’s getting better as the days go by. I also spent five minutes outside back by the garage again. I don’t enjoy doing that – in addition to making me anxious, it’s cold out and I feel kind of dumb just standing outside doing nothing. But if it helps, I’ll keep doing it.

I spent a lot of time today working on the quadcopter that FA gave me. I got to the point where my computer sees the quadcopter as a device, so there’s progress. Tomorrow I will attempt to flash it and see if the configuration software on my computer can talk to it. It was a good way to spend time today and I enjoyed puttering around with it.

At 4PM I put the quadcopter and computer away and started cooking supper. Simple stuff today, just chili and rice. I like having supper ready for J when she gets home. It doesn’t happen every day (I didn’t have it quite ready when she got home today) but I manage to do it some days. I don’t mind cooking and I enjoy expanding my repertoire a bit.

I have an appointment with Dr W on Wednesday and one with Dr P on Thursday. I’m not looking forward to either of them – I wish I could just call them instead – but they’re both important and helpful.

Stay safe.

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