One Step Closer To Riding The Bike

Song: “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne

Mood: 6.5 to 7.

I had two more nightmares last night that kept me awake for a little while. Fortunately, the rest of my sleep was good so I didn’t feel rough when I finally got up. I had breakfast, watched one of the shrimp moult (which was both fascinating and disgusting) and sat down to do some writing. I also watched four or five partial episodes of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. They were pretty amusing – he doesn’t pull any punches when he’s talking about stuff, that’s for sure. Then I went back to writing. I worked on one of my stories for quite a while and it felt pretty good to write.

On a completely different note, my motorcycle has been back together and waiting for me to ride it for quite a while now. One reason is that I’m nervous to try. Even though I’ve been riding the same bike since 2009, the thought of going out on two wheels makes me nervous. Another reason I haven’t gone for a ride is that due to the medication I’m on, I’ve put on a fair amount of weight and my riding jackets don’t fit. I won’t go out without helmet, jacket, boots, and gloves, so that put an end to that pretty quickly.

J suggested we go to our local powersport store and look at jackets. I was nervous and felt bad about it – the jacket J bought me for Christmas three years ago is still in great shape – but she told me that it was okay and someday I’ll be able to wear it again.

Anyway, J drove us to the store and in less than twenty minutes I had a new jacket and it fit. The salesperson at the dealership was very helpful – she went into the storeroom to find a jacket in a size that would fit me and came out with two armfuls of jackets. I tried one on and it fit great (and even had a little bit of room in case I put on more weight). J was happy, I was happy, and I think the salesperson was happy too. I also checked at the parts desk to see if they had any rivet-style master links (I’m running a clip-style master link right now) but unfortunately they didn’t have any in stock. I’ll have to check around for one – I don’t really trust the clip link.

So tomorrow or sometime this weekend I am going to take the bike out for a ride. I will stay in the neighbourhood and take it easy while J will be just a phone call away if I run into trouble. The bike’s never let me down before (even after I crashed it) and I don’t expect it to let me down now. It’s just whether I’m up to the task of riding. I really hope I am – riding the bike always made me happy and demanded all of my concentration so I couldn’t worry about other things like work or bills or anything like that. I think they call it “motorcycle therapy” for a reason.

Other than that, not much is going on. Oh, today was warm and humid enough for the new air conditioner to kick in and it works great – way better than the old one.

Stay safe!

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