Not Too Bad For A Monday

Song: “Lily The Pink” by The Irish Rovers

Mood: 6

Nightmares: 0

I’m still not having a lot of luck with staying asleep throughout the night. Woke up quite a few times with my mind racing but was fortunately able to get back to sleep without too much trouble. Couldn’t get back to sleep when J left for work, though.

My exercises went a little better today. I didn’t give up this time, but I got distracted by things both inside and outside of my head quite a few times. I would catch myself thinking about whether the toaster was plugged in or about a conversation from years ago that I wish I could have handled differently. Each time I was able to pull my attention back to where it was supposed to be but a few minutes later I’d notice that my mind had wandered again. Not great, but still better than the last couple of days.

I went for my walk and it was even warmer today than it was yesterday. I had to unbutton my jacket because I was starting to sweat a bit. I’m still catching myself speeding up on the far stretch of my trip. I should probably pick a song that’s at the right tempo for walking and then stay in step with it on my walks. But… maybe I shouldn’t be listening to music and distracting myself from the anxiety I’m trying to deal with.

I did the bathroom fan exposure three times today. In some ways I find it easier than when I was working with the stove. It’s a little tougher at the start but as time goes by it looks like it’s getting easier faster. Not a lot of tries yet so not much to go on but hopefully it’s a good sign.

I spent a lot of time today going through our DVD collection and watching some videos. Turns out we have quite a few that J and I haven’t seen yet. Some of them I don’t think I’m up to watching yet but there are others that will be good to see.

A letter came from my sister today. Inside it was a card from her church mentioning that a friend of mine will be mentioned in special intentions in an upcoming mass. I’m looking forward to getting the card to my friend – I think she will really like it.

I called the clinic today and asked if I could put in a question to Dr H before my next appointment. Since I’m going to be in there for a while (doing a follow-up as well as getting moles removed) I would really like to take a PRN or two before I leave home to help me be less anxious while I’m there. Haven’t heard back yet but I hope the answer is yes – I was feeling pretty rough during my last appointment.

My mom called this morning and we had a decent chat. She is always interested in how my Dr P and Dr W appointments went so I let her know that things were kind of rough. She saw it as a good thing – her rationale being that the more things I get out in the open with Dr P, the better he can help me. It sure didn’t feel like it at the time, but if it ends up helping me make some progress then it will be worth the discomfort.

J and I watched another Boston Legal this evening. Say what you want about William Shatner (many people do), but he does a great job in that show.

Tomorrow I plan to spend more time going through our DVDs, do some little test flights with the quadcopter, and try to grab a single strand of algae out of the main fish tank and see if I can grow it in a container. What I’d like is for the algae to grow like crazy so I can put it under the microscope and check out what it’s doing.

Stay safe.

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