Not Ready For The Week

Song: “I Believe I Can Fly” by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

Mood: 6.5

Nightmares: 1

This weekend – like so many others – went by far too quickly. I wish it was only Saturday, or that Monday was a day off.

Unfortunately, I’m still having nightmares. I only remember having one last night, but I had at least two the night before. I’m also still having a lot of trouble with my exercises. I have an appointment with Dr W this week and I think I will mention it to him and see if he has any thoughts or ideas.

The weekend went pretty well. My stomach is still bothering me but (and I’m almost afraid to say this) it seems to be getting better. I took it pretty easy this weekend and I think that helped.

The weather was very pleasant this weekend and J and I had the windows open all day. It’s supposed to be very warm tomorrow so I may leave the windows closed to keep the house from warming up. I guess now that winter is definitely over, summer is on the way.

I spent a bunch more time playing with OpenShot Video Editor. I made a couple of short videos out of longer clips and played around with some of the transition effects that it comes with. For kicks, I sent some of the videos I made to various people which I hope they enjoyed.

WG called this weekend. I had left him a message a little while ago and a couple of emails before that, but he’s pretty busy and hasn’t checked his email for a long time. We talked for a little over half an hour. It was very good to hear from him and we talked about all kinds of things. We’re going to talk again this week or next week and figure out a day he can come over for lunch. It would be very good to see him again.

Aside from J and WG, I don’t think I spoke to any other people this weekend. I did text a bit here and there, but overall I didn’t do a whole bunch socially. I was texting with FA and she suggested getting together for pizza, so next weekend FA and DM are going to come over and the four of us are going to hang out! J and I are both looking forward to it – I haven’t seen DM for quite a while and J hasn’t seen FA or DM for a long time. I expect there will be a lot of talking and laughing 🙂

During my walk tomorrow I’m going to shuffle over to the local mailbox and post a card to one of my friends from work that I’ve recently been in touch with. The universe has served her quite a few poo sandwiches over the years, and I hope the card cheers her up.

Other than that, I think I’m going to play around with editing videos and, depending on the weather, I may throw caution to the wind and take the quadcopter for its maiden flight outside. Wish me luck!

Stay safe.

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